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This domain is just a mailbox host; there's really nothing here. But if it'll make you feel better to see some pages, have at it ;-)

About This Domain is hosted by TigerTech, which in turn is owned by some giant corporation. Happily for me, TigerTech has retained its small business charm, and keeps the price down at $4.95 $6.95 per month.

What pages there are, are maintained by Happy Waldo. Mostly you'll see CSS2 experiments, newbie Perl, and bad javascript. The tools, scripts, and conventions used to generate the pages are all described on the Colophon. FAQ
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About Me

One benefit of approaching the half-century mark is the right to become a legitimate Old Fart -- up 'til now I've had the attitude but lacked the credentials ;-) In that time I've gathered a couple hundred college credits, but no degrees (in social psychology, language arts, and computer science); I've worked in fields ranging from oil exploitation to programming, art to industry, editing to electronics; travelled and toured in all states but Hawaii; sailed the Atlantic; and done FOH sound for names you'd actually recognize ;-) In bushy periods, I look like this.

Several passions: people, photographs, post-modernism, forests, audio production, cats. Wish I had kids....

About the Blog

The blog is generated by the Blosxom blog script, which I started using in order to learn a little Perl (and then I found out there's no such thing as "a little Perl" ;-)

As such, there's really nothing to read in the blog; it's just a place to mangle some Perl and stash a few notes. No pithy political analysis, no esoteric insights, no feedback, no syndication, no cool factor.

About the Downloads

Blosxom is such a tidy package, you can't help but want to add a little I cooked up some plugins. Available on the Downloads page, the current selection is blox, blok, crumz, cyclz, and sort_order.