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Add Comment to Playing Track 0.9

The Add Comment to Playing Track script opens a dialog box for adding a comment to the currently playing track.

Existing comment text is prepended to the new comment.

To add a carriage return to the comment, type "\r".

Configuring & Installing “Play This Track's Album”

No configuration is available for this script.

Installation is simple: just copy the script into your iTunes Scripts folder, located in /Library/iTunes/Scripts in your Home folder. If there is no folder named "Scripts" there, create one and put the script inside it. The script can be then be activated by selecting it from the iTunes Scripts menu. Or, you can assign the script a Cmd-key combination to run it from the keyboard. See these excellent instructions at Doug's site for the complete how-to.

More Info

For questions, comments, or bugs, post at the iLounge AppleScript board.

Written as a sample script in response to this post at


Copyright (c) 2009 S2_Mac. This script is released under the "MIT License".


DOWNLOAD Add Comment to Playing Track 0.9