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Compactamundo 2.3

Compactamundo 2.3 is a bulk-compactor for all your HyperCard 2.x stacks (athough the stack itself requires HC 2.2 or better to run). Simply select a volume or folder, and Compactamundo will compact each stack within down to its smallest size. Progress is displayed for each stack encountered, and an optional log lets you save results to disk as a text file. The Preserve 'Last Modified' date option lets you compact stacks without changing their current Last Modified dates.

Compactamundo spares you the #1 PITA of mass-compaction: runtime errors caused by corrupted or wonky stacks that HyperCard can't compact. Instead of leaving you stranded with an error dialog, Compactamundo recovers from the error and resumes the compaction run...making runtime errors transparent to the user, and letting you "walk away" while it does its work.


DOWNLOAD Compactamundo 2.3