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Find Incomplete Albums 0.93

The Find Incomplete Albums script identifies incomplete albums; their tracks can then be added to a playlist, or their Album tags can have a * (asterisk, Kleene star) appended. Only non-podcast, non-stream audio file tracks are searched for incomplete albums.

In the opening Search Limits dialog, choosing Normal searches only those tracks which have their Album and Track Count tags filled in; choosing All searches all tracks, regardless of empty tags. You can think of the Normal option as identifying all clear cases of incomplete albums, while the All option identifies all cases of incomplete album information.

A second dialog directs the script to add incomplete album tracks to a playlist, or to append a * to their Album tags. If the Playlist option is taken, a third dialog lets the user set the playlist's name; the default name of the incomplete albums playlist can optionally be configured in the script.

Configuring & Installing

No configuration is required to use Find Incomplete Albums; however, some configuration is available. Access the settings by opening the script in the Script Editor application located at /Applications/AppleScript/Script Editor; make changes as directed below; Save the script.

The incomplete_album_playlist_name property sets the default name for the incomplete albums playlist name dialog. The default name is Incomplete Albums. The name must be surrounded by regular double quotes.

If you've made any errors typing in configuration values, the Script Editor will complain and refuse to save. If you can't fix things, just close the script without saving (and enjoy the "factory" settings ;-)

Installation is simple: just copy the script into your iTunes Scripts folder, located in /Library/iTunes/Scripts in your Home folder. If there is no folder named "Scripts" there, create one and put the script inside it. The script can be then be activated by selecting it from the iTunes Scripts menu. Or, you can assign the script a Cmd-key combination to run it from the keyboard. See these excellent instructions at Doug's site for the complete how-to.

More Info

Video files, audio streams, and "true" podcasts (where Kind is "podcast") are excluded from searching for incomplete albums.

To add all incomplete albums to a smart playlist, use the Rename option to add a trailing asterisk (*) to the Album tag. Then set up a smart playlist whose condition is: Album - ends with - *. A companion script, Remove Appended Asterisks, is provided to easily restore Album tags that have been "asterisked" by the Rename option.

“Remove Appended Asterisks” script

Remove Appended Asterisks is a companion to the Find Incomplete Albums script. The script removes a trailing asterisk (*) from the Album tag of all non-stream, non-podcast audio file tracks.

Note: album names which are supposed to end with "*" will have that character removed by this script ;-)


Copyright (c) 2009 S2_Mac. This script is released under the "MIT License".


DOWNLOAD Find Incomplete Albums 0.93