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Play This Track's Album 0.92

The Play This Track's Album script plays the entire album of the currently playing or selected track. Optionally, when playback begins the album's playlist window can be displayed, and the visualizer can be turned on, and the miniplayer can be turned on.

The script makes every effort to only gather up one set of the album's tracks, even if some tracks have multiple copies (as when an album has been ripped to a lossless format for home stereo playback and also ripped to a lossy format for earbud playback). Users can specify a preferred format (MP3, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, or WAV) or iTunes' current encoder.

Unlike Doug's Selected Track's Album to Playlist script, this one is strictly for listening to albums; no effort is made to save the album playlist. But if album-playing is what you want, use this—it's about 5X faster than Doug's at building the album playlist.

Configuring & Installing “Play This Track's Album”

No configuration is required to use Play This Track's Album; however, some configuration is available. Access the settings by opening the script in the Script Editor application located at /Applications/AppleScript/Script Editor; make changes as directed below; Save the script.

The album_playlist_name property sets the name for the playback playlist. The default name is -- Current Album --. The name must be surrounded by regular double quotes.

The sets the preferred format for tracks that have multiple copies in iTunes, such as having a lossless copy for archival reasons and an AAC copy for loading onto an iPod. Enter an integer as follows:
0 = the current encoder's format
1 = MP3
2 = AAC file (unprotected)
3 = iTunes Store DRM track ("Protected AAC")
4 = Apple Lossless
5 = AIFF
6 = WAV
The default preferred format is 1 (MP3). Note—the script will always gather up all of an album's tracks, even if you don't have any tracks in the preferred format.

When set to 0 (zero), the script will prefer whatever format is currently set as the iTunes encoder (iTunes menu -> Preferences -> General -> Import Settings).

When set to true, the display_the_playlist property displays the playback playlist in the iTunes window as the album starts playing. The default value is true.

When set to true, the start_the_visualizer property starts the iTunes Visualizer (and expands it to fill the screen) as the album starts playing. The default value is false.

When set to true, the turn_on_the_miniplayer property turns on the iTunes miniplayer instead of the current window as the album starts playing. The default value is false.

In normal use, the script plays the album of the currently playing track (if any); if no track is playing the script plays the album of the selected track (if any). When set to true, the prefer_selected_track_to_playing_track property directs the script to reverse that order—if a track is selected, its album will be played; if no track is selected, the currently playing track's album will be played. The default value is false.

If you've made any errors typing in configuration values, the Script Editor will complain and refuse to save. If you can't fix things, just close the script without saving (and enjoy the "factory" settings ;-)

Installation is simple: just copy the script into your iTunes Scripts folder, located in /Library/iTunes/Scripts in your Home folder. If there is no folder named "Scripts" there, create one and put the script inside it. The script can be then be activated by selecting it from the iTunes Scripts menu. Or, you can assign the script a Cmd-key combination to run it from the keyboard. See these excellent instructions at Doug's site for the complete how-to.

Using “Play This Track's Album”

While a track is playing, invoke the script to play its album. If no track is playing, the selected track's album will be played. If no track is playing or selected, the script quits with a message reminding you to select a track.

Only audio tracks will be gathered up for playback; if the selected track (or playing track) is not an audio file, the script will quit with a message to select audio file tracks.

Any number of tracks can be selected; only the first track will be used to gather up an album.

Even if you have no tracks in the "preferred format," the script will still play every track in the album.

More Info

If you have un-numbered tracks in the album, extra tracks may be gathered up into the album's playlist. The solution for this is to number your tracks ;-)

The order of precedence for gathering tracks is:

  1. Numbered tracks of preferred Kind
  2. Numbered tracks of other Kind
  3. Un-numbered tracks of preferred Kind
  4. Un-numbered tracks of other Kind


Copyright (c) 2009 S2_Mac. This script is released under the "MIT License".


DOWNLOAD Play This Track's Album 0.92