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Rewinder 0.9

Rewinder is a hybrid of Apple's Go to Time script for DVD Player and Doug Adams' Replay Last Bit script for iTunes. When activated, a text input dialog prompts for a new playhead time; the dialog's default value is automatically set as the current playhead time minus a user-configured amount of "rewind time"; clicking through the dialog "rewinds" the track a set amount of time.

Entering a time value sets the playhead to that time. Time values are very flexible—users can enter 00:01:30 or 1:30 or 90 to express the same amount of time. The time separator character is user-configurable; setting the time separator to "." (a period) allows complete operation from a numeric keypad ("1 . 0 8" to set a playhead time, then Enter to OK the dialog).

Configuring & Installing Rewinder

There are two settings to configure in Rewinder: access the settings by opening the script in the Script Editor application located at /Applications/AppleScript/Script Editor; make changes as directed below; Save the script.

RewindTime property : sets the amount of time by which the current playhead position will be automatically rewound. Time values can be seconds ("18" or "90"), or minutes and seconds ("0:18" or "1:30"). To set no rewind time, enter "0" (zero) or "" (two doublequotes).

When entering a compound time (e.g. "1:30") make sure you use the TimeSeparator character. When using time separators, enclose the entire value in quote marks; e.g. "1:30" (a small lie; if you use "." as TimeSeparator, no quotes are needed).

TimeSeparator property : the character that separates time components in the script (for instance, in "1:30:45" the time separator is ":".) If no character is entered, or if more than one character is entered, the script uses a default time separator of ":".

To install Rewinder, simply copy the script into your iTunes Scripts folder, located in Library/iTunes/Scripts in your Home folder. If there is no folder named "Scripts" there, create one and put the script inside it. The script can be then be activated by selecting it from the iTunes Script menu.

Using Rewinder

The Rewinder script is actually a stay-open application; you will typically activate it by clicking on its icon in the Dock. To start the Rewinder application, select it from the iTunes Scripts menu.

When activated, the script presents a text input dialog; the default input value is the current playhead position minus the number of "rewind" seconds configured in the RewindTime property. To set the playhead back by the configured rewind time, just click OK or press Enter*.

To move the playhead to any position within the track, enter a time value in the text input dialog. Times can be entered as seconds-only, such as 18, or :18. Seconds can be used for any amount of time; for instance, 2 minutes and 35 seconds can be entered as 155. If you enter time values that use separators (such as 01:30), make sure you use the character specified in the TimeSeparator property.

Note: If your system does not use a HH:MM:SS time format, you may have to temporarily change your time-format in the "Formats" section of the "International" System Preferences to "United States" Region.

Please post comments, bugs, or requests to the AppleScript for iTunes board over at iLounge.

Rewinder To-Do

Needs an icon for easier identification in the Dock


Rewinder was inspired by a post from Adriana to the iLounge AppleScript board in July, 2007.


DOWNLOAD Rewinder 0.9