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Zilch! 2.17

Zilch! is a fast-paced dice game from northern Michigan. Up to nine players take turns rolling up to six dice, trying to accumulate points from rolling ones, sixes, three-of-a-kinds, or straights. As long as one or more dice are scoreable, a player can keep rolling for more points; if all dice are scoreable, the player can roll them all again. But as soon as a roll yields no scoreable dice, the player has Zilched! and no points are scored.

Games typically run to 10,000 points; the average turn scores around 300 points, but a gutsy (not to mention lucky) player can get 3,000 or more points in just one turn. Winning is a race between luck, good sense, and greed ;-)

This stack was written as an example of "gaming logic" for the AOL HyperCard forum, many years ago. It's still good for that purpose, as well as being a fun game.

However, Zilch is best enjoyed when played among people sitting around a table, listening to tunes, having a good time... it's a loud game; doesn't take too long to play; and it's good for working out stressors. Learn how to play from the stack, and then take Zilch! out into the meat world!


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