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June 24, 2003  


So, I wanted to try out the cgi-ness of my host, and thought it might be fun to get a blog configured.... Movabletype seemed to be the "best," but it was a "beast" to install (and a bit more complex in its features than I needed for just playin' around. Then some folks at MacCentral turned me on to Blosxom, a compact-yet-powerful blog script that's a breeze to install.

Having passed the "Hello, World" point of getting Blosxom running, it's time for some content.... Might as well take one more stab at Robert's "Plato Paper" -- might even get Robert to turn on a computer ;-)

The Plato Paper was meant to be a re-telling of my work with The Phaedrus during my first section of Robert's Argument and Analysis class at Grand Valley's School of Communications. IIRC, I received an A- in the class in exchange for a pledge to write The Plato Paper. Robert stills asks for the paper when i see him, even after all these years.... Which edition do you want, Robert?

Umm... before I dive into this whole subject of The Plato Paper, we should maybe get to know each other a bit; a joke usually makes a good ice-breaker. Here's a story about a joke I told back in 1997 or so. at a typically snafu'd Grand Valley special event...