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August 19, 2004

Plugin Revisions

Moving to a non-hacked blosxom meant making a few plugin changes. There's no real need for a sorting plugin anymore, but I've come to like the idea of switching views. So, sort_order is out (reserved for the hacked blosxom), and sort_by_date is in. Similar operation, but the sort choices are now by date, by file name, or by category name; de/ascending.

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August 14, 2004

css overhaul

Hand-in-hand with cleaning up the site was an overhaul of the Waldo css, which had become a bit...cumbersome ;-) The basic two-column layout was retained, but without the messy hacks (Tantek box-model, etc.) — pushin' electrons is so much simpler with robust, viable alternatives to Explorer! Here's some of the nitty-gritty:

The layout is meant to be zero- or low-graphic, with visual color coming from links, heads, and a couple of block classes, and textual color coming from content face, weight, and leading. (For instance, the large navigation "buttons" are purely text-based; no graphics, no pre-loads, easy editing.) Full justification dramatically reduces "text rivers."

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August 12, 2004

site overhaul

Other than uploading plugin updates, I hadn't touched the site in almost a year; not too much bitrot, but a fair amount of cruft. No fixed abode has too often meant no modern Mac — making it increasingly difficult to test plugins with the site's hacked blosxom. So the first order of business was to convert the blog sections over to stock blosxom:

  1. configure and install a clean blosxom
  2. add entries_cache plugin to fake file modification times
  3. hack entries_cache to do what it should ;-)
  4. process entry files to proper blosxom format:
    • title on first line (was date)
    • mod time meta- tag on second line (was title)
    • blank third line to conform to meta plugin standard (unneeded, but standard)
    • modify story templates to use blosxom's $mo, $da, and $yr vars (was my hacked $dato)
    • modify .dl templates to mimic the old name-based hack
  5. write a fulldatenames plugin to get full month names
  6. fiddle with load order

It was all quite tedious, but I just kept tellin' myself, "This makes it easier. This makes it easier. This makes it...." Geez, this better make it easier! ;-)

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