Construction and renovation services are focused on the do-it-yourself homeowner who isn't exactly sure how to do it. You provide the desire, I'll provide the expertise; together we'll make it happen safely, properly, cheaply, and by your own hands.


Gas, elecrical, water, sewar, siding, foundation, mechanical... if it's broke, I can probably fix it. Middle-of-the-night burst water heaters a specialty ;-)


Everything from leaky roofs to leaky basements are fair game. Getting ready to sell? Let me advise you on doing the right work to satisfy buyers (and their home inspectors!), and get you to closing quicker. Just bought a home? Let's get together and explore it, find the problems, and fix 'em.


Want to do it yourself? I'll guide you through the scheduling, planning, purchasing, demolition, and construction. You can do as much as you want/as much as you're able, and I'll backstop you. Past projects include jacking up whole houses; turning seven little teeny rooms into one huge greatroom; adding a 1,200 sq ft addition to a 900 sq ft house; octagonal, circular, and domed houses; solar walls; and some of the most bizarre free-form flatwork you've ever seen.